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Teacher tranings for helping ADHD studentsBring Cindy to Your School!

Did you know that ADHD affects approximately 11% of school-age children?*

As educators, you know that the implications of having a student in the classroom with ADHD go well beyond the impact on that individual child.  Classmates often lose valuable learning time and experience confusion and frustration in dealing with their classmate with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges.

You are the backbone of the classroom and we know that you carry a lot of stress due to the high demands and limited time. We know that you want all of your children to learn and succeed, but you may not have the resources, knowledge, and support to help your struggling students.

Teachers are often caught between the parents, the child, and the school in terms of facilitating the best interventions for the child with ADHD. Cindy can help.

Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists:
You are an integral part of the network of support needed for children with ADHD and Executive Function challenges.  Specific education, strategies, and support are needed to allow proper intervention and collaboration with educators and parents.

PTA/SEPTA Representatives:
Cindy loves to speak to parents who want more for their children and their school district.  Cindy’s Parent Presentations will teach essential steps, tools, skills, and perspectives needed to help your child thrive. Your child does not need to carry a diagnosis for you to attend.  Learn about the best supports you really need, the facts about ADHD beyond the diagnosis (that you may not know), and how to best prepare yourselves for the journey ahead.

Please feel free to print/email and share this PDF of our Professional Development / Parent Presentations Programs with your School Staff and SEPTA/PTA Representatives.

Professional Development Training

1. Managing ADHD and Boosting Executive Function Skills

Full Day In-Service Training for Teachers and Related Service Providers

  • This training provides the latest research and best practices regarding how to remediate and support students with ADHD and Executive Function weaknesses.
  • Participants will gain skills, strategies, and techniques to support students in need at the Point of Performance while balancing the needs of all students in the classroom.

 “Cindy’s workshop was full of practical, evidence-based strategies.  All my students will benefit from the adaptations and improved teaching she demonstrated.  It has helped me better understand why my students behave the way they do and has helped me to be more patient and understanding.” – Marianne A., H.S. Teacher

Training Objectives:

  • Define what Executive Functioning is and the specific ways it impacts students’ ability to utilize classroom learning and perform curriculum objectives
  • Improve children’s cooperation, problem-solving skills, and advocacy skills by increasing their Self-Awareness and Self-Talk skills
  • Design subtle changes in classroom structure and environment to improve time management, organizational skills and study skills that will benefit all children, not just those who have ADHD.
  • Develop strategies to support slower processing speeds, weaker working memories, poor time management skills, and more
  • Learn how teaching students basic brain science can them reduce their stress, increase their focus and effort, and be more successful.

Supplementary materials and resources provided for teachers, parents, and students to manage homework, home/school communication, study skill, behavior and more.

Additional Professional Development Training

2. Guiding Students to Create and Manage Meaningful Goals

Setting meaningful goals is an impactful way for students develop and improve Self-Regulation skills. Research shows that when people set goals and work toward them, not only do they perform better, but the experience less stress and anxiety and they are happier and more satisfied with their lives. This workshop will help educators teach both the value and the process of setting, monitoring and achieving personal and academic goals.

Learners will be able to guide both teachers and students in the process of developing appropriate Goals as well as having powerful materials for Goal setting, monitoring, and managing.

3. Collaborative Problem Solving for Professionals and Students

  • Addresses how to understand and help students who struggle with behavioral challenges
  • Move beyond using reward and punishment programs to motivate positive behavior
  • Teach students who lack crucial thinking skills when it comes to things like problem-solving, frustration tolerance and flexibility

4. Teaching Growth Mindset, Grit, and Perseverance to Elementary and Middle School students

  • The ability of students to control their emotional and cognitive impulses greatly impacts their ability to succeed academically and elsewhere in life.
  • This session will give specific rationale, tools, and strategies to help children develop their self-regulatory skills.
  • Using mindfulness, exercises, stories, and games, participants will learn to help students develop their ability to sustain their focus, manage their frustration, and persevere to achieve their goals

5. Support for Paraprofessionals in the Mainstream Classroom

Paraprofessionals play an integral role in facilitating student achievement as well as supporting the work of the classroom teacher. Children with ADHD and learning challenges can create a tremendous challenge in the classroom due to their behaviors and their unique needs for support.  This workshop will address the specific challenges that paraprofessionals face as they work to support the needs of the individual student, the learning environment, and the classroom teacher.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how ADHD and executive functioning deficits are impacting students’ ability to successfully utilize classroom learning and perform well on curriculum objectives.
  • Learn enhanced strategies for engaging and maintaining students’ attention and active participation, especially to aid slower processors and distracted students.
  • Apply subtle changes to improve time management, organizational skills, and self-management skills.
  • Learn strategies to reduce students’ stress levels so they can perform better and meet greater expectations.
  • Address issues of over and under reliance by students on the support offered.

Consultations, In-Class Observations,

and Ongoing Support

Available In Person as well as Follow-Up Phone Support

  • Collaborate with a student’s team to design specific interventions and strategies related to managing ADHD and Executive Function Weaknesses
  • Work with teachers who struggle to carry out lesson plans and establish effective classroom management due to challenging students
  • Provide support for parents who struggle to manage their children’s homework and school engagement
  • Determine how to strike the balance between supporting and enabling the child in the class

Parent Presentations Available

These are excellent presentations that we offer for your Parent Association.
Each presentation is approximately 1.5 hours long including question and answer period.

“Cindy, I wanted to thank you for tonight’s workshop.  Not only did parents receive a toolbox of information, they appreciated the warmth and calm in your tone of voice as you presented.”  Daria W., Middle School teacher

1. Top Ten Strategies for Parenting your Child or Teen with ADHD

This presentation will provide an overview of ADHD beyond diagnosis as well as the essential steps, tools, skills and perspectives needed to help your child thrive. Your child does not need to carry a diagnosis for you to attend.  Learn about the best supports you really need, the facts about ADHD beyond the diagnosis that you may not know, and how to best prepare yourselves for the journey ahead.

2. Skills for Success – What parents need to know about Executive Function

Executive Functions are the cognitive skills needed for academic performance, social skills, and life skills.  Commonly, these are the skills utilized to organize, plan, initiate, manage emotion, shift maintain focus and use working memory.  They govern the HOW you do what you DECIDE to do.  This presentation will briefly explain how Executive Function skills are developed and will include tips, tools, and strategies parents can use to promote optimal success in all aspects of life.

3. The Impact of Mindset on Learning

“My son won’t try things that he can’t do right away with ease. I tell him all the time he’s so smart he can do anything, but it doesn’t help.  Some kids seem to lack motivation, some kids avoid challenges, and some kids break down when the work gets really hard.  This workshop will examine why kids don’t always seem to work to their ability and what parents can do to help them be more optimistic and productive.

4. Managing Homework Stress

This presentation will look at the challenges that students and parents face in managing homework and schoolwork.  Learn how Executive Functions skills impact children’s motivation, retention, and self-confidence.  Reduce the daily stress of homework battles and bring calm and order as you:

  • Help your child make the best use of the time they spend doing work
  • Learn effective organizational techniques for students
  • Confront issues involving motivation, independence, and work ethic

For information about pricing and availability please email [email protected]

* According to a study by the Center for Disease Control

Just Some of the Schools & Organizations Who Have Invited Cindy to Share Her Knowledge

Great Neck SEPTA

Port Washington SEPTA

Plainview Library

Franklin Square SEPTA

Hicksville SEPTA

Merrick SEPTA

Kramer School, Bethpage

Oh My Girls, Jericho, NY

Jericho SEPTA

Young Child Expo, NYC

Allied Pediatrics

East Williston SEPTA

Levittown SEPTA

Charles Campagne Elementary School

New Jersey Association of Learning Consultants

Half Hollow Hills SEPTA

Miller Place Schools

Eastern Suffolk BOCES

Wheatley Schools

North Bellmore SEPTA

CHADD Nassau

Babylon SEPTA

Wantagh SEPTA

Pediatric Health Associates

Oyster Bay Public Library


Herrick’s SEPTA

St. Hope Academy, NYC

Lynbrook SEPTA

Roslyn SEPTA

Sachem SEPTA

Learning RX, Jericho

South Salem SEPTA

St. Anne’s Episcopal School

Gesher Early Childhood Center

Garden City Schools


Suffolk Y JCC, Commack, NY Temple Judea, Manhasset

Seaford SEPTA

Sayville SEPTA


Nassau BOCES

Metuchen School District, NJ

Northport SEPTA

LDANJ Annual Fall Conference

ADHD Professionals Conference NWAIS Fall Educators Conference

LDA Conference

LDANJ Life after High School Conference

National Charter Schools Conference

Sun Valley Idaho Schools




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