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ADHD affects approximately 9.5% of school age children.*  As educators, you know that the implications of having a student in the classroom with ADHD go well beyond the impact on that individual child.  Classmates often lose valuable learning time and experience confusion and frustration in dealing with their classmate with ADHD.

Teachers often report greater stress due to higher demands on their time and lack of effective resources, knowledge, and support that will help the affected child learn and succeed in the classroom.  Additionally, teachers are often caught between the parents, the child, and the school in terms of facilitating the best interventions for the child with ADHD.

In-Service ADHD/ Executive Function Workshops for Teachers, School Psychologists, Tutors and other professionals who work with students

ADHD and Executive Function:  What the latest research tells us about learning, the brain, and best practices for intervention

This training will detail the latest research and the most current understanding about what characterizes ADHD, how it is properly diagnosed, and the best practices for proper classroom intervention.  Specific topics will include:

  • Understanding ADHD beyond the basic symptoms of Hyperactivity, Impulsivity and Inattentiveness
  • Teacher’s role and boundaries in identifying and referring children for diagnosis
  • Meeting the educational needs of children with ADHD
  • Common learning weaknesses and academic difficulties associated with ADHD

Tools and Strategies for improving learning and behavior for children with ADHD within the Regular Education setting:

This training addresses the best practices for balancing the needs of the individual child with ADHD and the other children in the classroom.

  • Strategies for engaging and maintaining students’ attention and active participation.
  • Subtle changes in classroom structure and environment to improve time management, organizational skills and study skills that will benefit all children, not just those who have ADHD
  • Simple and effective homework management and home study procedures and strategies
  • Collaborative techniques for gaining more cooperation and greater productivity from challenging children

Case Management Consultations

Each child with ADHD has unique characteristics and challenges.  There may be times when your typical tools and strategies for helping a student manage academically and behaviorally fall short.  With my extensive knowledge of how ADHD and Executive Function deficits impact learning and behavior, I can help you design specific interventions and strategies to help children cooperate and succeed.   Areas we can address include the child’s ability to focus, organization, time management, classroom behavior, and homework issues.  We can meet regularly or on an as needed basis.  Additionally, I can work collaboratively with you and the child’s parents to insure that your efforts and methodology are supported at home.

Parent Education Within a School Based Context

While some children receive proper support at home, other children may have parents who lack the knowledge or ability to help their child appropriately.  Often, parents rely on their children’s school for education and support on how best to help their children succeed.

As a certified, trained expert in the field of ADHD, I address the struggles parents face in working with their children related to academic and other school issues.  I provide presentations at your school for parents on a range of topics related to parenting issues and working collaboratively with teachers and school administration.  Presentations are generally one hour long and include time for questions and answers.  I provide supplementary materials to attendees and I will make myself available for additional support as needed.

The following topics can be covered as either single presentations or as weekly or monthly workshop series.

  • Education and current research concerning how ADHD impacts children’s learning and academic achievement
  • The important role that structure and accountability have in enhancing children’s performance
  • Tips, tools and strategies for parents to increase their children’s studying and homework completion and effectiveness

For information about pricing and availability please email SpeakersBureau@PTScoaching.com

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* According to a study by the Center for Disease Control




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