School Consultation and Support

School can be very difficult for children with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges.  The demands on their ability to focus, organize, shift their attention, and manage their work can be very stressful and overwhelming.

There are many supports and modifications that can significantly improve a student’s opportunities for confidence and success.  Sometimes the easiest and mildest changes can have the greatest impact on your child’s success in school.  So much of what we know about ADHD and how to intervene has been learned during the past decade.  Most teachers are not specifically educated or trained in understanding and working with children who have ADHD and/or Executive Function Challenges. Parents often feel unprepared and inadequate when it comes to identifying and advocating for the proper provisions for their children.

Together, we can review the type of support that is best suited for your child.  I will help you formulate the most appropriate accommodations and modifications based on your child’s individual profile for use in school, whether it is an IEP, a 504 plan, [see FAQ’s] or an informal agreement with your child’s teachers.  Additionally, I can meet with your school team to ensure that they understand how ADHD/Executive Function Challenges affect your child and how they can be most supportive.

Feel free to email me to discuss: [email protected]

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