What is ADHD Parent Coaching?

The greatest impact parents can have on their children with ADHD is to help them understand what is truly getting in the way of meeting their goals, and to provide them with the knowledge, tools and strategies they need to succeed – in school, at home, socially… IN LIFE!

The Value of Parent Coaching

By now you may have experienced that ADHD involves more than just difficulty with inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity.  For many children, it involves difficulty with managing their emotions, their ability to plan and carry out their goals, and much more.  Children with ADHD often feel misunderstood, overwhelmed, and ill-equipped to manage what is expected of them.  When children don’t seem to be working toward their potential or are acting defiant, it is difficult to know how to react in a way that will truly change their behavior. 

Often, when children are given a diagnosis of ADHD, parents are given little more than some reading material, general advice and perhaps medication for their child.  ADHD experts have long recommended Parent Training as a crucial component in the treatment of children with ADHD.   Education, combined with the support and guidance of a trained professional, can make a huge difference in improving parenting confidence and effectiveness.

Parent the child you have!

Using a combination of education, support and coaching, I will provide you with the recommendations and practical techniques you need to:

  • Understand how ADHD affects your child cognitively, behaviorally, and emotionally
  • Gain knowledge, insights, and strategies to enable you to be a strong, confident and effective parent
  • Learn vital communication techniques to reduce conflict with your child and gain their compliance and respect
  • Identify your child’s needs, set goals and build strategies, utilizing their strengths to compensate for their weaknesses
  • Help your child understand his/her unique thought processes, strengths and challenges without judgment, so that he/she will be receptive to learning the skills and supports essential to success.
  • Understand your child’s educational rights

Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© Workshop Series

During this workshop, you will develop the techniques necessary to help reduce the challenging behaviors, homework stress, and school struggles in a small, safe and supportive environment.  Parents of children with ADHD often feel isolated, judged and misunderstood by other parents and family members. Gain from others who are going through similar struggles in a safe setting where others “get” what you are experiencing.

Click here for dates and information on upcoming Parent Workshops

Parent/ Child Coaching: Building Trust and Collaboration

When parent and child are in constant conflict, it can be exasperating and detrimental to a child’s growth and well-being.  Using a Collaborative Problem Solving Approach, I effectively facilitate conversations between parents and children, opening the door to communication and allowing each to feel empowered and truly heard by one another.  By modeling specific skills that will open the lines of communication, both parents and children learn a new way to mitigate conflicts.  Children feel comfortable because I act as a neutral facilitator, not just another adult trying to convince them to simply do as they are expected.  In this way I am able to reduce tension and conflict, while also teaching children to regulate their own behavior and communicate their needs and concerns. Please see FAQ’s  for information about the differences between Coaching and Therapy.

Calm and Connected Parent Support Group

The power of community and support is profound.  Share your concerns and experiences with parents who truly understand your struggles and desires.  Join us for a bi-monthly support group open exclusively to parents who are current and past participants of the Parent Coaching Workshop Series where we deepen the learning and address ongoing concerns and issues as they arise.  Reinforce your learning and resolve to make the lasting changes needed for you and your family. Learn more…

School Consultation

Teachers and school personnel are not always aware of the current knowledge and best practices for supporting and working with children with ADHD.  Sometimes the easiest and mildest changes can have the greatest impact on your child’s success in school.  Together, we can review the type of support that is best suited for your child.  I will help you formulate the most appropriate accommodations and modifications based on your child’s individual profile for use in school, whether it is an IEP, a 504 plan,  or an informal agreement with your child’s teachers.  Additionally, I can meet with your school team to ensure that they understand how ADHD affects your child and how they can be most supportive. Learn more…

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