So – how was your day?  Do you have a lot of homework?  And so, it begins… For many parents, one of the greatest sources of stress revolves around the issue of homework.  The reasons for the stress may vary from parent to parent, or may be different based on each child’s uniqueness, but the […]

What I Learned About Time Management from Running and a Tomato

Life lessons often come from places you least expect.  Now before you become concerned that I am going to preach the virtues of running or changing your diet, no worries – that’s not my agenda.  I would like to share, however, what I have learned this past year, not about Time Management, but true Productivity.  After […]

Screens – We MUST Help Our Kids Learn to Manage

I recently showed the documentary Screenagers and hosted a panel discussion following the film. I have to tell you that the experience, the conversations, and the whole issue of how our kids today are being impacted by their use of phones and social media has shaken me to my core. Truly, I believe this is […]


Little things add up – Help kids form good habits Want to get ahead – do the basics.  Don’t focus on the big, grand goals, but rather the tiny steps that, when done consistently, make progress and success much more likely. Surprisingly few people focus on the small steps. They look for shortcuts and work […]

What is the Forward Movement You Really Want to See for Your Child This Year?

By now, preparations are well underway for this new school year.  In some parts of the country, classes have begun, whereas for some school begins after Labor Day has ended.  For me, my mind drifts back to last April.  Why?  Because I know that in many ways the best way to have a good school year […]

What Every High School and College Kid Needs to Know About Their ADHD Medication

There are many issues I can discuss here under the broad topic of ADHD medication, so to set your expectations for this article I will tell you that this is NOT about the pros and cons of taking medication.  This article is going to assume that your teenager or your college age child is taking […]

Share a great book with your kids: Who Moved My Cheese? for Teens

I remember while my children were young, that my time spent reading with them was not only joyful, but also an opportunity to share about inspirational people, topics, and concepts.  I was looking at my bookshelf yesterday and one of my books caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you.  Who Moved […]

Why is it so important to REALLY follow through on your word?

I hear it all the time.  “I tell him he must clean up before he can leave, but he doesn’t and then I end up doing it.”  “She means to be on time but when she isn’t, I end up taking her anyway and then being late myself.”  “He speaks so rudely and then promises […]

Performance Review – Not just for Grownups!

Performance Review – Not just for Grownups! I have been listening to Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy.  There are so many gems in there for everyone – people who need support and uplifting, and those who are their friends, families, and cheerleaders. As she discussed growth for […]

Improve Homework Time with Strategies that Work for ADHD

I recently presented a webinar for CHADD: Ask the Expert titled: Improve Homework Time with Strategies that Work for ADHD. As a follow-up, they asked me to write an article answering some of the questions we did not have time to address during the presentation.  Here is the article from CHADD’s ADHD Weekly Newsletter: Q&A with Cindy […]

Don’t Ban the Spinners – Teach Kids about Fidgeting and the Brain!

Have you seen them yet?  They are small objects that kids spin around with their fingers like a pinwheel and they come in lots of different patterns and colors.  Kids are having a blast seeing the different ways they can spin them on their bodies, and battling who can make theirs spin the longest.  Many […]

How Do I help the other teachers “get it”?

Over the past several weeks I have provided professional development across the country for teachers and related service professionals who work in public schools, private schools, residential treatment programs, and private practices. During the course of the full day training these professionals gain insights, tools and confidence to work with their students in ways that […]

ADHD Inattentive Type

In the world of ADHD where it is not unusual to deal with challenging behaviors, often times it is the overt “active” behavior that gets all of the attention: the impulsive acts, the hyperactive movements, the loud defiance.  It’s important as practitioners and educators that we also recognize that supportive techniques are needed to help […]

Pills Don’t Teach Skills

I am proud of my new interview with Peter Shankman on his Faster Than Normal podcast, Pills Don’t Teach Skills. We had a great conversation about a range of topics related to Kids, Parents, and Teachers in working with the challenges of ADHD and Executive Function deficits.  It starts off with the debate about using the label […]

What is the true value of Testing Accommodations – we may not really know YET!

I recently attended the annual conference in Wash., DC for The American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders.  This was a wonderful opportunity to be amongst the top Researchers and Physicians in the world who work with the science of ADHD. As I listened to the presentations and explored the Poster Sessions highlighting the […]

Ask “Why” – It’s easier and more powerful than you realize.

One of the greatest problems I notice for both parents and educators is that when kids are not meeting expectations, the focus goes toward finding a solution too quickly. “How can I stop him from…”, “How can I get her to…”, and ultimately “How can I motivate him?” I get it, we as the adults […]

What is Social-Emotional Learning and Why is this So Important?

When I spoke at this year’s National CHADD conference this past week, my presentation was Teaching Grit, Perseverance, and Frustration Tolerance to Children and Adolescents.  I can confidently say that this topic was very important and the lecture was very well received.  At the core of my presentation was the notion that we MUST place […]

Updated info on Section 504 impact regarding ADHD

Next week I will be attending the National CHADD Conference in Costa Mesa, California; a conference I have attended annually since 2008.  I will be presenting two sessions at the conference: Teaching Grit, Perseverance, and Frustration Tolerance to Children and Adolescents and The Value and Practice of Teaching Children How to have a Productive Conversation. CHADD is […]

PTS Coaching Tutors is here to support your child and you

PARENTS: RELIEF FOR YOU, SUPPORT FOR YOUR STUDENT – NOW AVAILABLE IN-HOME Are you ready to see more Cooperation and end the Homework Battles? Would you like your child to learn Organizational and Time Management skills? Are you ready to experience a Happier, more Successful Student? We all know that children and teens with ADHD/Executive Function […]

7 ways to help with your child’s screen addiction

Addiction to Screens: My Take-Away’s from Dr. Ned Hallowell’s Presentation Last week I had the privilege of introducing Dr. Hallowell as he spoke to a packed auditorium about Stress, Screens, and ADHD.  As always, he inspired and encouraged people to shift their perspective on the realities of having ADHD.  Bottom line: we must move away from […]

Why can’t he “Just do It”? The Art of Initiation

As adults, we sometimes become frustrated seeing kids not “doing” as they are supposed to.  I find it helpful to recognize that the problem is often not one of “Doing”, rather one of “Getting started”. When I teach teachers and parents about Executive Function skills, the skill I always begin with is Initiation.  I know that many children […]

Do Teachers Give Too Much Homework?

This is certainly a very broad question and one that is, in many cases, age and situation dependent.  Since the population of people I work with are children with ADHD, I would like to address the concerns around homework with that population in mind. Separate from the issues many children with ADHD deficits face in […]

Can I help my child develop grit and perseverance?

I recently gave a presentation at the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) conference on impact of mindset (our belief about our ability to improve) on learning. During the questioning at the end of the presentation, one teacher asked, “I work with High School students. Is it too late to help them learn to deal with frustration […]

Can ADHD Coaching Help My Child?

The world of ADHD Coaching is becoming more and more recognized as a powerful and effective support to help students with ADHD achieve their goals. Coaching is a collaborative, action-oriented partnership designed to help people make the changes they want. ADHD Coaching is Life Coaching specifically designed to address the unique concerns of individuals who […]

I Don’t Have Any Homework – I Just Have To Study

Have you ever hear these words from your child?  What exactly does this mean?  For many students, without a specific plan, item to do, and accountability for the process, procrastination sets in and learning opportunities become diminished. What is the solution? Help students work backwards from the Test date and have specific Tasks planned out […]

Pay back or Push back? Addressing Oppositional Behavior

I recently participated in a discussion about behavior when it comes to school engagement on a list serve for professionals who teach and support children with ADHD. The educational specialist had written in that she was working with a first grader whose school wants her to also work with someone on “her organizational skills.” Someone […]

“Happy Birthday, Dear! You Have ADHD!” (Published in ADDitude Magazine Fall 2015)

I recently heard from an ADDitude Magazine reader looking for help: “My daughter just turned 15 and, as a not so happy birthday present, she was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD. She did well in elementary school, but is struggling in high school. She seems depressed and has grown quiet. She now takes ADHD medication, but […]

Not Ready for College? Guest Post by Maureen Holohan

Transitioning to college right after high school is not for everyone. Taking off a year or more can be a very helpful tool for many young people. Some students need to regroup after the rigors of high school, especially those with learning differences. The year off should be a planned, structured blueprint outlining what the […]

“8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD” Selected As Winner of 2015 USA Best Book Awards

I am pleased to announce that my recently published book “8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD” was selected as the Award Winner of the USA Best Book Awards in both the “Parenting/Family” and “Education/Academic” Category categories.   More information about the book can be found here: http://www.ptscoaching.com/8-keys-to-parenting-children-with-adhd/ The book may be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/8-Keys-Parenting-Children-ADHD/dp/039371067X […]

How Fast is Smart?

If you ask most children how they know who the smartest kids in class are, they will often respond that they are the ones who raise their hands the quickest and turn in their tests the fastest. Assumption: Speed equals Intelligence. Before I address the implications of this assumption, let’s look at one of the […]

3 Quick Tips for Learning

1. Stressed brains don’t learn well. Make sure you set yourself up for success Learn relaxing breathing techniques. Even 1 minute can make a difference. Find a “go to” exercise. Something short, brisk, easy to do just to break the tension in your body. Set yourself up in an environment conducive to peaceful learning for […]

Trouble Focusing – Try Fidgeting with Purpose

I recently contributed an article to Noodle, an educational website for students, parents, and professionals.  Here is an excerpt.  See the link below to read the complete article. Consistent excessive movement is typically associated with a child who has ADHD-Hyperactive Type. And while many parents and educators consider this behavior to be a negative symptom […]

When Your Child Really Doesn’t Care About School

I would like to share a new article that I wrote for ImpactADHD last week. Here is an excerpt and the link to the original on their website below… The start of school is just around the corner and already you feel that pit in your stomach.  How are you going to motivate your kid to work […]

504 Plan or not … Let’s help kids with ADHD learn!

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), the national education and advocacy organization, recently released the results of a survey they conducted to explore its “longstanding concerns with the process, quality and implementation of Section 504 plans and with compliance with the regulations governing them” (See Summary of Survey on 504 Plans in the […]

College on the horizon?

Summer is prime time for all rising seniors to get a head start on college applications to reduce the stress of the fall semester. For students with learning differences or ADHD, a summer start is especially crucial as so much of the admissions process is organizing all of the application components and staying on top […]

How’s your marketing plan?

Another school year is just about done and for many parents, and kids, it just wasn’t what was hoped for. The grades didn’t match expectations, personal projects were left unfinished, and outside goals were not realized. It’s not easy seeing so much potential go untapped. Frustration and fear often build up as weeks, months, or […]

Teaching Your Child How to Ride a Bike… And Other Important Life Skills

Recently, I was at the bicycle store getting my bike tuned up for the season. While I was waiting for my bicycle, I watched as a mom and dad were attempting to teach their daughter, around the age of eight, to ride a two-wheeler. Her twin sister had apparently learned this skill sometime ago and […]

What Is Reasonable To Expect From Your Child During The Summer?

There are many schools of thought on summertime learning activities for kids. What should be required, expected, or hoped for when it comes to academic learning? This all varies depending on your child’s age, level of performance relative to their grade level, desire for advancement, and I believe a very important consideration – level of […]

New York City Mindfulness and Education Seminar Takeaways

This weekend I went to a Mindfulness and Education seminar in New York City. The auditorium was packed with the wonderful energy of teachers wanting to learn how they can bring mindfulness into their classrooms. We were treated with wonderful exercises and inspiration from leaders in the field like Linda Lantieri, Daniel Goleman, and Daniel […]

ADHD – How It’s Different For Girls

An ADHD diagnosis is far more common in males than females.  However, many girls are often undiagnosed in childhood and only later in life realize that they, too, fit the diagnostic criteria.  This lack of timely diagnosis and treatment has the potential to create far-reaching consequences academically, psychologically and socially, particularly in teenage girls. Why […]