ADHD Coaching for Teens, College Students & Adolescents with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges

ADHD Coaching for Adolescents, ADHD Coaching for Teens and ADHD Coaching for College StudentsSchool and its accompanying expectations can sometimes feel like a tremendous burden for students and their parents.  The time commitments, strenuous course loads, and concerns about the next step, be it college or vocation, can take their toll individually and on family relationships.

For students who have ADHD, the challenges can be even greater than what their peer’s experience.  Homework may take longer and be more difficult to manage.  Creating and maintaining organization may not come easily.  Managing time to get schoolwork done, having sufficient sleep, and still having quality leisure time may seem like an impossible task.

 ADHD Coaching can mean the difference between success and failure

It is not unusual for teens and college students to want to take a more active role in managing their own schedules and plans.  In fact, it is a healthy progression towards independence.  Parents themselves sometimes grapple with knowing when and how to pull back in order to provide the space their children need to chart their own course.

A Certified ADHD Coach who is specifically trained and educated in helping young adults can help ease the transition, provide the support and teach the skills necessary to help students succeed and thrive.  A Coach is not a therapist or a tutor, rather an advocate and partner to help individuals reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

How does ADHD Coaching for teens, college students & adolescents work?

Most people with ADHD have difficulty with their Executive Functioning, which regulates organization, planning, time management, working memory, impulse control and emotional regulation.

ADHD Coaches:

  • Understand how the ADHD brain functions
  • Recognize strengths and weaknesses of students with ADHD
  • Offer suggestions, guidance and accountability in a non-judgmental setting
  • Are familiar with strategies to improve executive function and self-regulation
  • Help students formulate realistic goals and explore strategies to succeed in their goals
An ADHD Coach will collaborate with you to help you achieve the goals you are setting and help you develop tools and strategies to better manage the steps along the way.  It’s truly a wonderful process of partnering to help you evaluate your challenges and establish new methods of addressing them.
Coaching generally involves weekly sessions  and includes brief checkins during the week to help with accountability toward your goals.  I recommend giving it 3 to 5 months to address the challenges you face and to allow for new habits to be formed.
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